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Witnessing Heaven Book 2: Messages From Heaven

Unveil the mysteries of heaven in Messages from Heaven, the captivating sequel in the Witnessing Heaven series. Discover firsthand accounts of near-death experiences that will leave you transformed. Embrace the wonders, hope, and comfort shared by those who journeyed to the afterlife and returned with life-altering revelations. Open your heart to enrich your faith and embrace the promise of God


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Messages from Heaven is the second book in the Witnessing Heaven nonfiction series.

What is heaven really like? When you arrive there, what will you see, hear, and feel? Of course, the Bible provides some an-swers, but can we learn more? Thousands of people have jour-neyed to the afterlife and come back profoundly changed by their experiences. Many of these people are excited to share the powerful messages they received, which are filled with wonder, hope, and comfort.
In Messages from Heaven, you’ll read thrilling stories of people who had near-death experiences and came back to their earthly lives transformed by what they learned in heaven. Each story will enrich your faith, as you open your heart to embrace the promise of God.

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