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Love’s a Mystery Book 8: Tombstone, AZ

Escape into a timeless world of tender romance, puzzling mysteries and secrets, and happy endings with Guideposts’ exclusive Love’s a Mystery series. Tombstone, Arizona by Bethany John and Gail Kirkpatrick, is book eight in the series.


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In Tombstone, AZ  is the eighth book of the romantic series Love’s A Mystery

In 1976… Wyatt Clark returns to Tombstone to take over his family’s Wild-West-themed restaurant. When mysterious things happen that prevent his progress, he enlists the help of his best friend’s brainy sister, Billie Keenan, to figure out what’s going on. But Billie has the opportunity to spread her wings and fly to her dream job in New York City. When they solve the mystery, will that be the end of a love that barely got off the ground—or just the beginning?

Today… Genny Bowen is filling in for a missing coworker during the daily stagecoach “robbery” at the Prickly Pear Resort. But when the holdup turns out to be real and her precious heirloom locket is stolen, she needs her long-ago boyfriend, Joshua Ryan-Mendoza, to help get it back. Josh is there to solve a string of thefts that the resort owner has been trying to keep quiet. As Genny and Josh work to identify the culprit, old feelings resurface. Are they setting the stage for a future filled with love?


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