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Witnessing Heaven Book 4: A Love Beyond Words

Introducing A Love beyond Words: Be captivated by an ethereal blend of blinding light, soul-stirring melodies, and unearthly colors. Join five extraordinary souls on their heavenly journey, sharing remarkable encounters with God’s indescribable love. These near-death experiences will redefine your perception and deepen your understanding of a love that transcends life and beyond.


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A Love Beyond Words is the fourth book in the Witnessing Heaven nonfiction series.

Light that is incredibly bright yet doesn’t hurt the eyes of those who see it. Music that flows into the listener’s ears and soul. Colors that are identifiable but somehow brighter, deeper, and more vibrant than any color seen in this earthly life. An all-encompassing, all-knowing love that envelops like a warm embrace.

The five people featured in A Love beyond Words journeyed to heaven and encountered something beyond words—beyond life itself—when they experienced the inspiration, reassurance, and peace of God’s enormous love. These remarkable stories from individuals who witnessed heaven during a near-death experience will move you to a deeper understanding of God’s indescribable love for you—a love that holds you while you are here on earth and continues when you join Him in heaven.

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