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Lights and Shadows- Mysteries of Silver Peak Series – Book 13


As a film crew arrives in Silver Peak to shoot a rendition of an old film that was also filmed there, Sadie and Edwin see a UFO! Is this a hoax created by the film crew, or is there a more sinister motive behind it? Meanwhile, Roz Putnam is depressed after hearing that the film crew is shooting a movie in Silver Peak; her older brother, Mike Tabor, was killed during the filming of the original movie. Roz believes that Mike’s death wasn’t an accident, despite police reports that claim otherwise. Will Sadie be able to bring peace of mind to Roz, or is there simply not enough evidence? 


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Just as news comes that a cult sci-fi motion picture is being remade in Silver Peak, fifty years after the original was filmed there, Sadie and Edwin see a UFO! While they’re skeptical that it has unearthly origins, they can’t deny what they saw. Is it just a publicity stunt related to the movie or something more mysterious? Meanwhile, Sadie’s best friend Roz Putnam is in the doldrums when she hears about the project. It stirs up terrible memories: her older brother Mike Tabor, who had a small speaking role in the original film, died during the production of it when a cliff gave way under him. She is convinced that there was foul play, but the police investigation at the time said otherwise and it was their own father who did the investigation. Can Sadie find the truth about what happened and put Roz’s doubts behind her once and for all? 

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