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The Innkeepers’ Conundrum – Secrets of Wayfarers Inn – Book 7

Author: Kim Vogel Sawyer


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The Innkeepers’ Conundrum is the 7th book in the Secrets of Wayfarers Inn cozy mystery series.

It’s Christmastime in Marietta, and at Wayfarers Inn the season is in full swing. When the final touches of LuAnn Sherrill’s decorations blow a fuse, she and Realtor Brad Grimes look for a way not to overload the circuits—or sacrifice any of her hard work. But after an antique mirror crashes to the floor in one of the guest rooms, their mission is temporarily forgotten as they try to figure out what caused it to fall. As more mysterious mishaps occur, LuAnn and her friends begin to wonder if someone is trying to sabotage the inn.

Amid all the chaos, LuAnn deals with the unexpected loneliness of her first Christmas since her mother died. When she finds a little dog scratching at the inn’s back door, and that little dog leads her to a kitten, she finds her grief a bit more bearable. But where did the duo come from? And can she convince her friends—especially Tess, who takes an uncharacteristic dislike to the furry pair—to let them stay for good?

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