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Ordinary Women of the Bible Book 12: Her Source of Strength

Her Source of Strength: Ray’s Story by Jill Eileen Smith

Can a mother’s love and her faith in the One True God prove stronger than her son Samson’s stubborn will?


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Her Source of Strength: Raya’s Story is the 12th book in the Ordinary Women of the Bible fiction series.

After years of childlessness, Raya has come to accept barrenness as her lot in life…. Until, one day, she meets a man (but no ordinary man) who tells her she is going to have a son and he is to be a Nazarite, set apart from birth to serve God. The prophecy is fulfilled, and nine months later Raya gives birth to Samson.

Samson changes Raya’s life, and she loves her son with all her heart. She teaches him about God and instills the ways of a Nazarite into his mind—and hopefully his heart. But as the years go by, Raya’s heart aches as her beloved son breaks each of the vows he promised to keep.

Can Raya pray her prodigal son back to the Lord? Is that even possible? What will she do if he never returns? If she never sees him again? Was she right to trust God? Is God stronger than Samson’s stubborn will?

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