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Witnessing Heaven Book 1: Heavenly Encounters

Uncover heaven’s wonders in Heavenly Encounters, the captivating debut in the Witnessing Heaven series. Journey alongside ordinary individuals transformed by their afterlife experiences, carrying powerful messages of love. Explore vibrant sights, sounds, and colors, affirming reunions with loved ones. Discover scientific breakthroughs, affirming heaven’s reality.

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Heavenly Encounters is the first book in the Witnessing Heaven nonfiction series.

Thousands of people have made the journey to the afterlife and come back. Research shows they are profoundly changed by their experience. They return with powerful messages of love and hope from God and their loved ones.

Heavenly Encounters will take you on an unforgettable reading adventure into the very heart of heaven. You’ll walk hand-in-hand with ordinary people who have traveled to heaven and returned to share their amazing stories. You’ll experience the vivid sights, sounds, colors and glory of heaven. You’ll see what they saw and be assured that you will meet your loved ones again in heaven.

You’ll also read the latest scientific research and groundbreaking studies on near-death experience that will assure you that heaven is 100% real and death is not the end. You’ll hear from the experts on this important topic. Your faith will be strengthened, and your heart blessed. You’ll be forever changed by this riveting book.

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