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God’s Constant Presence Book 1: Strengthened by His Touch

If you’ve ever wondered if God is by your side, ready to guide and protect you, then look no further than the amazing collection of true stories of everyday miracles.  40 never-published-before true stories! 

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Strengthened by His Touch is the first book in the God’s Constant Presence nonfiction series.

Inside you’ll find 40 inspiring, never-before-published true stories from people who experienced extraordinary events that proved to them that the hand of God is indeed at work in their lives.

These incredible stories will open your eyes and heart to the miracles in your own life.

  • Witness lifesaving angels with perfect timing…
  • Hear the Lord’s voice in stories of miraculous survival…
  • See the hand of God at work during tragic accidents…
  • Read stories that prove God really does have a plan for you…

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