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Savannah Secrets – Garden Variety Crimes – Book 14

Author: Beth Adams


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Garden Variety Crimes is the 14th book in the Savannah Secrets cozy-mystery series.

During a morning walk in Forsyth Park, Julia discovers a beautiful secret garden. But her awe soon turns to shock when she realizes that the garden is actually a trove of poisonous plants! Jimson weed, deadly nightshade, hemlock, and angel’s trumpet are just a few of the deadly flowers. Who would have planted these toxic plants and why? Concerned for their community, Julia and Meredith decide to investigate. Will the help of botanists, expert gardeners, and even a carnivorous-plant enthusiast be enough to track down the truth before someone gets hurt?

Meanwhile, Julia agrees to participate in a fundraiser with her sister, Cassie. But instead of baking goods or donating money, Julia and Cassie have to run a 5K! Will Julia find the strength she needs to run a race and trust her sister to stick to her commitment?

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