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Faith Builders


Develop a strong, workable, and joyous faith in God. And feel the connection to Jesus in your life every day.

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If you want to build your muscles, you have to exercise every day. If you want to build your faith, it’s no different. It takes faith-building exercises to make your belief strong in the face of doubt and struggle. It takes the courage to truly put your trust in Jesus.

What does it take to have this trust? It calls for the ability to be alert to doubts when they sneak up on you. In this FREE eBook, you’ll find ways to recognize the obstacles to faith and to overcome them. You’ll have Bible verses chosen specifically to help you confront your doubts and experience a renewal of spirit.

The struggle is a daily struggle. Jesus knows this. That’s why as you work to grow your faith, Jesus will be there for you when you ask for help. If you doubt this truth, this eBook is for you—because it will give you the daily exercises that will build your faith so that you will experience the reality of God’s love in your life.

Prayer is an essential part of this practice. But not all of us know how to pray. You may feel uncertain of the words to use. Don’t worry! You’ll quickly discover how to find your voice in prayer when you do the daily exercises in the Faith Builders eBook.

The methods in this FREE eBook are explained simply, and they have been successfully practiced by thousands of people over the last 50 years.

Experience the profound confidence that God is always with you. Download your FREE copy of Faith Builders today.

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