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Extraordinary Women of the Bible Book 7 – Jewel of Persia: Esther’s Story

Uncover Esther’s story of beauty, power, and the ultimate struggle between good and evil.  Get swept into a world of intrigue and danger as Esther becomes the new queen of Persia and uncovers a diabolical plot to destroy her people. She must risk everything to save them, trusting in her faith and the one true God to guide her every step of the way. Experience an exciting historical novel enriched with biblical facts when you order today!


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Jewel of Persia: Esther’s Story is the seventh book in the Extraordinary Women of the Bible historical fiction series.

While some see Esther only for her beauty, others know her as the Storyteller. Esther freely shares the history of her Jewish people, chosen by God even though they are now exiles in a distant land. When the Queen of Persia invites Esther to share her knowledge at the palace, she is honored by the request but never dreams how one night will propel her toward a very different future…

After Queen Vashti is deposed, and the military conquests of King Xerxes bring him back to Susa, Esther is chosen as his new queen, soon discovering a villainous plot to exterminate the Jews. At risk to her own life, Esther must find a way to gain the king’s favor and plead for the salvation of her people, trusting that the one true God will not abandon them.

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