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Every Day with Jesus

In this new devotional – Every Day with Jesus – Guideposts has prayerfully transformed Jesus’ powerful, hopeful words into the most inspiring, encouraging devotions. 365 devotions bring Jesus’ words to life in a whole new way. Read them each day or turn to these bite-size entries whenever you need His calming, comforting, reassuring presence.

  • Personal stories of those who have called out to Jesus and received surprising answers. 
  • Faith-restoring prayers than will encourage your daily conversation with Jesus 
  • Inspiring quotes from some of today’s most insightful spiritual leaders including Rick Warren, Mother Teresa, and more 
  • The new way Jesus’ words, wisdom and teaching come alive for you • And so much more!


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In today’s hectic world it can seem next to impossible to find time to spend with Jesus’ words. Yet Scripture can have a miraculous, wondrous effect on us. This can bring you calm on a crazy day. Peace when you’re feeling anxious. Joy when you’re sad. Hope when you’re hopeless. Faith when you’re fearful.

That’s why Guideposts created Every Day with Jesus. This inspiring new book brings you 365 devotions that distill the wisdom of Jesus’ most important teachings into bite-size segments, so you can feel the power and peace of His Words in just five minutes a day.

Each beautiful, five-minute reading brings you: 

  • Christ’s most important teachings distilled into bite-size segments that reveal the power and peace of His words 
  • Personal, true stories from ordinary people and extraordinary leaders that will help strengthen your faith 
  • Hidden gems—guiding reflections to help you find calm and joy throughout your day 

Every Day with Jesus is like no other devotional you’ve ever read because it makes you feel as if Jesus is speaking directly to you!

Plus, Every Day with Jesus has a practical “Touch Points” index that makes it easy for you to find spiritual comfort and guidance for everything, from health and family problems to financial struggles to everyday stresses and more so you can find His promises of peace, forgiveness, and heaven right when you need them.

Each page brings you a five-minute, calming solution for virtually any problem that combines a short Scripture to remind you of Jesus’ words… a personal story from someone who overcame a similar trial by looking to Him… a guiding reflection to help get you through your day… and a prayer that helps you call out to Jesus in a whole new way. In a matter of minutes you’ll regain a fresh outlook on life and feel your tension wash away as you place your trust in Jesus.

Grow Closer to Jesus:

  • The power and peace of Christ’s most important teachings 
  • Personal true stories from some of the world’s best-loved authors that bring His Word to life in a new way 
  • Guiding reflections that fill you with calm and joy all day long • Meaningful quotes from some of the world’s greatest spiritual leaders 
  • Conversational prayers help you bring your hopes, worries, needs and thanks to Jesus 
  • 12 fresh and moving expressions of Jesus’ words in the Bible make you feel as if He is speaking directly to you

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