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Empty Saddle – Mysteries of Silver Peak – Book 8


After Sadie’s granddaughter, Sara, goes missing and her horse returns with only three shoes, Sadie and the Silver Peak community must find her before she comes to any harm! Using her restless nights to investigate a few items she purchased for her store, Sadie wonders if she can ever properly focus while her granddaughter is missing. Will faith and a grandmother’s love be enough to solve this puzzling mystery, or has Sadie finally met her match?


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When Sadie Speer’s granddaughter, Sara, goes horseback riding by herself, Daisy returns to the stable missing a shoe—and Sara! Sadie and her daughter, Alice, along with Edwin, Sheriff Mac Slattery, and friends from the community of Silver Peak, spring into action to find the girl. While search efforts continue, Sadie uses her sleepless hours to delve into the story behind an old doctor’s bag and medical implements that she purchased at an auction. She traces the objects back to an enigmatic figure in local history known as the Angel of Silver Peak. But how can Sadie focus on finding this woman’s true identity when Sara is missing? In an effort to find her, Sadie must do her most intensive sleuthing yet. But can she move quickly enough to ensure her beloved granddaughter doesn’t get hurt in the cold, dark, mountain forest?

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