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Savannah Secrets – Double Trouble – Book 3

Author: Gabrielle Meyer


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Double Trouble is the 3rd book in the Savannah Secrets cozy-mystery series.

Meredith catches sight of a mysterious man lurking around her home—and he has an uncanny resemblance to her deceased husband! However, he disappears before she can approach him. Could he have anything to do with the 18th-century writing desk Meredith inherited earlier in the day? Or the freshly revealed, long-hidden diary written by Anna Coles, one of the first women to colonize Savannah in 1733? Before Meredith can identify this mystery man, the Coles diary is stolen and her late husband’s doppelgänger becomes a prime suspect.

As Meredith and Julia delve deeper into the investigation, they discover the reason Anna’s descendants have kept the diary hidden all these years—it may contain clues to the location of Blackbeard’s long-lost treasure! Does Meredith’s lingering grief have her seeing suspects who don’t really exist? Can they get to the bottom of all these mysteries and thwart any criminal intent of sinister treasure hunters before the situation spirals totally out of control?

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