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Don’t Rock the Boat – Mysteries of Martha’s Vineyard – Book 6

After a mysterious suitcase washes up on the shore, Priscilla embarks on a journey to find its owner. As she goes through the suitcase’s contents to get a clue as to who may have owned it, she realizes that this mystery is unlike anything she has ever encountered before. Find out how the plot unwinds in Don’t Rock the Boat, another excellent offering from the cozy community of Martha’s Vineyard!


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Priscilla is adjusting to her new life on Martha’s Vineyard. She loves waking each day to the sound of waves lapping the shoreline and the scent of fresh sea breezes. Though she’s still learning the culture, she no longer feels like a tourist in the community. But when a suitcase washes up on shore, Priscilla wonders if there’s more in store for her at Misty Harbor than just a change of scenery. Intrigued by the luggage and its mysterious contents, she begins a quest to find its owner. As clues draw her closer to the truth, she realizes life at the lighthouse could turn out to be anything but quiet.


What does a Kansas farm girl know about hidden treasure and rising tides, maritime history and local mystery?  Not much, but to save her lighthouse and family reputation, she better learn quickly!

Come along and experience the unique challenges and fresh discoveries facing landlubber Priscilla Latham Grant, when she inherits a lighthouse and keeper’s cottage on beautiful Martha’s Vineyard.  As she settles into her new home, she discovers a trio of long-lost cousins, and, together, they shed light on a storm of mysteries and secrets that seem to surface in Priscilla’s wake.  She also finds her daily life intertwined with a tall, dark and handsome Coast Guard captain.  Will their friendship blossom into something more?  Only time will tell.

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