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Crosswords and Chamomile – Tearoom Mysteries – Book 4


As Tea for Two hosts a special event with famed puzzle-maker Bill Markham, Katelyn Grande discovers a mysterious message integrated into her puzzle. It appears as though someone is professing his love to her! As Elaine and Jan investigate, Elaine must address problems of her own. Can she advise Jan’s granddaughter, Avery, about the value of friendship and self-acceptance?


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About Crosswords and Chamomile

When an opportunity arises for the tearoom to host a special event with famed puzzle maker Bill Markham, Jan is elated! The event brings in puzzle lovers from all over Lancaster, Maine, but at Tea for Two, mystery often lurks in unexpected places.
When Katelyn Grande begins her puzzle, she quickly realizes that it was made specifically for her—as a declaration of love!
As Jan and Elaine set out to discover who the would-be paramour might be, they quickly find the clues more challenging and cryptic—than any of Bill’s legendary puzzles. Meanwhile, when Jan’s granddaughter Avery begins practicing her cello after school at the tearoom, she confides in Elaine about problems she’s having with a friend.
Can Elaine draw on the wisdom she gained raising her own children to help the girl navigate the difficult waters of preteen angst?

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