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Cracking The Code – Secrets of the Blue Hill Library – Book 11


When Anne receives a letter containing several thousands of dollars inside, Wendy believes that it is an answer to their prayers. Anne, however, is intent on finding the owner in case the money was not meant for her. Meanwhile the library’s literacy program is doing well, but can Anne and Wendy find a way to invite one more individual without intimidating him? Find out in Cracking the Code, another tale of compassion and community in the beautiful, small town of Blue Hill! 


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Anne and Wendy are preparing for a new adult literacy class when Ben races inside the library to tell his mother that their dog, Hershey, has found a package on the porch. Anne chases Hershey around the yard until she is finally able to retrieve it and discovers an envelope with several thousand dollars of cash inside! Wendy is convinced the money is an answer to prayer—the library’s elevator is in severe need of repair—but Anne doesn’t feel right using the cash if it wasn’t meant for them. There is a cryptic note in the envelope, but no signature or other identifying information. Where did all of this money come from? Who does it belong to?

Meanwhile, the literacy program is off to a good start, but Wendy is hoping for one more student: the father of one of Liddie’s classmates, who is unable to read stories to his daughter. Can Wendy and Anne find a way to encourage him to come to the class without embarrassing him?

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