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Cooking the Books – Secrets of Mary’s Bookshop – Book 19


Mary’s friend, Henry, needs Mary’s help with one of the most puzzling mysteries in Ivy Bay’s history! While Henry was going through Grace Church’s financial records, he discovered that fifty thousand dollars have mysteriously disappeared! With Henry becoming more stressed with every passing day, Mary must find the culprit. Who from Grace Church’s congregation would commit such a crime? Moreover, with Henry’s emotions conflicting with his ability to reason, will Mary and the community of Ivy Bay be able show compassion toward the culprit and understand the motives he or she had to steal?


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About Cooking the Books (Book #19 Secrets of Mary’s Bookshop Series)
When Mary’s friend Henry calls her one spring afternoon, she assumes he’s calling to invite her out for ice cream. Instead, he needs her sleuthing help. As a member of Grace Church’s financial team, Henry was going over the church’s accounting records and getting everything in order when he realized that fifty thousand dollars had gone missing!

Mary and Henry investigate who could have taken the money, even though neither one of them can believe someone from Grace Church would do such a thing. But who else except staff or a few parishioners had access to the funds? Mary clings to the hope that there is an explanation, but Henry only gets more upset the more they learn. Can they find the missing money while still showing grace toward whoever might be responsible?

About the Series
Mary Fisher has found the perfect place to retire – right where she started. She’s moved back to Cape Cod to open Mary’s Mystery Bookshop in Ivy Bay, a quaint coastal village flanked by meandering marshes and silvery beaches. It’s the ideal location to relax with a good book on a summer day. But Mary soon discovers that this small town is full of secrets. Escape to a charming seaside town, get to know the lively characters who call this community home, and discover the mysteries in Mary’s bookshop!

About the Author
Vera Dodge is the author of Rewriting History, the second book in the Secrets of Mary’s Bookshop series. She has written several other Guideposts books, including the AFCW Carol Award-nominated Patchwork Mysteries book, Muslin Mystery.

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