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Witnessing Heaven Book 5: A Choir of Angels

Discover a hidden realm where angels transcend their traditional image. A Choir of Angels unveils their true power as they guide, protect, and escort us home. Encounter angels during near-death experiences and be inspired by their heavenly presence. With hope, protection, and joy, let their stories ignite your own praise to God, echoing their proclamation of everlasting life.


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A Choir of Angels is the 5th book in the Witnessing Heaven nonfiction series.

We tend to think of angels as looking like tiny cherubs or feminine, winged creatures that trumpet a pro-nouncement of joy. The Bible often portrays them as more formidable beings who guide, warn, or portect us, and it also hints at another role—that of escorting God’s children home to heaven when our life here is finished.

In the powerful firsthand accounts in A Choir of Angels, you will learn about the roles angels played and the varied forms they took as they carried their human changes from earth to heaven’s gates. During their near-death experiences, the people featured in this book all encountered angels who provided inspiration, protection, hope, and joy during their otherworldly journey. We hope these stories will encourage you to give praise to God just as His angels do, as they proclaim God’s message of everlasting life.

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