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Catch of the Day – Mysteries of Martha’s Vineyard – Book 17

When hard-earned fishermen pension funds disappear, all eyes are on the only person with access to the online account—Sonya Fleming, the flashy selectwoman with high-dollar fashion sense. When Joan asks Priscilla to get involved on her dear friend’s behalf, Priscilla learns that Sonya is no spendthrift, despite her reputation of extravagance. But if not Sonya, who could be bilking funds from the island’s fishermen? And can the depleted funds be replenished for the fishermen on Martha’s Vineyard waters? As Priscilla looks for the answers that seem so elusive, Uncle Hugh suffers a medical emergency that causes Priscilla to, once again, reflect on how frail and precious life truly is. Can Priscilla offer her cousins the support they each need as Uncle Hugh begins the road to recovery?


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About Mysteries of Martha’s Vineyard Series

What does a Kansas farm girl know about hidden treasure and rising tides, maritime history and local mystery?  Not much, but to save her lighthouse and family reputation, she better learn quickly!

Come along and experience the unique challenges and fresh discoveries facing landlubber Priscilla Latham Grant, when she inherits a lighthouse and keeper’s cottage on beautiful Martha’s Vineyard.  As she settles into her new home, she discovers a trio of long-lost cousins, and, together, they shed light on a storm of mysteries and secrets that seem to surface in Priscilla’s wake.  She also finds her daily life intertwined with a tall, dark and handsome Coast Guard captian.  Will their friendship blossom into something more?  Only time will tell.

Learn more about the entire series here.

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