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Bound in Love – Patchwork Mysteries – Book 9


Sarah has found an anonymously published book about Debby Neely, a quilter from Maple Hill who was jailed for a crime she didn’t commit. To make matters even more interesting, the book was donated by Sarah’s mother, Ruth. Did Ruth have any connection to Debby? Can Sarah find Debby and bring her justice? Find out in this suspenseful adventure that is sure to please any mystery-lover!


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Bound in Love is the 9th book in the Patchwork Mysteries fiction series.

When Sarah finds an anonymously published book hidden in the library, she’s curious about who wrote it and where it came from. She’s even more intrigued when she discovers that the book details the life of Debby Neely, a woman who made quilted garments and lived in Maple Hill fifty years ago. According to the book, Debby was jailed for a crime she didn’t commit. Then, Sarah discovers that the book was donated to the library by her mother Ruth. What connection did Ruth have to Debby? Could her mother have written the mysterious book? Could she have known something that would have set an innocent woman free?

Sarah tries to find Debby and bring the truth to light. And when Sarah finds clues in the quilted garments that may be the key to proving Debby’s innocence, she is reminded how strong the ties that bind us together truly are.

About the Author

Camy Tang grew up in Hawaii and now lives in San Jose, California, with her enigner husband and rambunctious dog Snickers. She graduated from Standford University and worked as a biologist researcher for nine year, but now she writes full time. She is a staff worker for her church youth group, and she leads on of the worship teams of Sunday service. On her blow,, she ponders knitting, spinning wool, dogs, running, the Never-Ending diet, and other tantalizing things.

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