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Mysteries of Lancaster County Book 18: Birds Eye View

Author: Nancy Shaen Mehl


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Birds Eye View is the 18th book in the Mysteries of Lancaster County mystery fiction series.

What better way to enjoy the scenic splendor of Lancaster County than from the sky? When Martha and her sisters, Elizabeth and Mary, attend the annual Lancaster County Hot Air Balloon Festival, they’re excited about getting a bird’s-eye view of Bird-in-Hand. But as their balloon drifts across the idyllic landscape, Martha is shocked to witness what looks like a kidnapping taking place in a parking lot below. When the Classen sisters finally make it to the spot of the abduction, all they find is a small charm from a Girl Scout summer camp held years ago. Could this be a clue to the identity of their missing woman? When no one files a missing person report, the sisters have no choice but to take matters into their own hands. Will they find the woman—and discover the reason she was kidnapped—or has the sisters’ penchant for mystery made them see a crime where none exists?

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