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Beyond the Sea – Mysteries of Martha’s Vineyard – Book 18

Priscilla is thrilled when her friend Eliza Jamison solicits her help with a special surprise wedding gift for her husband-to-be, Carson Fletcher. Unbeknownst to Carson, Eliza has purchased a perfectly restored classic 1957 Chevy Bel Air—a convertible, no less—and is having it delivered to the island. But when the car arrives and is stored in Gerald’s garage, it vanishes—just thirty-six hours before the wedding ceremony. Priscilla is distraught and feels personally responsible for its disappearance, so she sets out to find the classic car. Can she find and return the vehicle to its rightful owners in time for the nuptials, or will Eliza’s dreams of riding off into the sunset with her new husband be crushed?


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Priscilla Latham Grant has inherited a lighthouse! So with not much more than a strong will and a sore heart, the recent widow says goodbye to her lifelong Kansas home and heads to the quaint and historic island of Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts. There, she comes face-to-face with adventures, which include her trusty canine friend, Jake, three delightful cousins she didn’t know she had, and Gerald O’Bannon, a handsome Coast Guard captain—plus head-scratching mysteries that crop up with surprising regularity.

Come explore the Mysteries of Martha’s Vineyard in this exciting series by Guideposts.

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