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Mysteries of Lancaster County Book 17: Arson, Plain and Simple

Author: Kathleen Y’Barbo


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Arson, Plain and Simple is the 17th book in the Mysteries of Lancaster County mystery fiction series.

Mary’s childhood friend Jake Miller has returned to Bird-in-Hand to visit his brother Caleb and meet Caleb’s new wife, Anna.Caleb is elated to see Jake after so many years, but Anna is not so welcoming. When Caleb’s workshop is set on fire with Caleb inside, Jake’s suspicions fall on his brother’s unhappy bride—especially when other Amish businesses in the area have been set ablaze, and Anna seems to have motive for each. Jake recruits Mary and her sisters to help solve the mystery. Can the Classen sisters find out who is setting the fires and why?

Meanwhile, change is coming in the lives of the Classen sisters. Mary has been offered the chance to paint for a gallery in Philadelphia, Martha has been wondering if perhaps she wants to open her own bakery, and Elizabeth…well Elizabeth doesn’t want anything to change. Is it time for the sisters to go their separate ways so soon after reuniting?

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