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Angels All Around Us

True stories of encounters with God’s heavenly messengers.  Read never-before-published inspiring stories from people just like you whose lives were changed by extraordinary encounters with angels.

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God’s heavenly messengers are everywhere, carrying out His work…spreading His divine mercy…and giving hope to the hopeless.  You’ll see His angels at work in the pages of Angels All Around Us through incredible stories shared with Guideposts. 

These extraordinary stories will open your eyes to the work of angels being carried out every day.  For example…

  • One summer night a woman wakes form a vivid dream of a man’s hand and a dagger slicing her window screen.  A voice commands her to get up and get out.  An angel appears in her hallway.  Terrified, Vicki listens to the angel’s warning and springs into action.  The next day she wonders if it was all a dream…until she hears the news from a neighbor next door.
  • A family is overcome by a deadly rip current…pulled to safety by a young man in a lifeguard-like swimsuit who disappears after the rescue as mysteriously as he appeared.
  • Driving along a dark country road a woman gets stranded with a flat tire.  She prays to Jesus to send help.  Immediately a stranger in a pickup truck appears out of nowhere.

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Format: Hardcover

Length: 256 pages

Size: 6-1/2 x 9 inches

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