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Amazing Promises


This booklet contains 31 of God’s most wonderful promises. There is one for each day of the month along with a meditation to help you live the promise. You’ll be awed by the strength and peace that will bring to you.

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The redemption of the Israelites from Egypt was a promise kept. The Resurrection of Christ was a promise kept. And God has made wonderful promises to each and every one of us: promises that can change your life in amazing ways.

God is always with you. And when you’re in contact with the Source of All Blessings, you have a foundation of peace and spiritual vitality. In this FREE eBook, you’ll have a month’s worth of daily promises, made by God to you in Holy Scripture, which will fill your heart with His strength and love.

Like all good people, your life has its trials and troubles. Because we all face tests, the apostle Matthew gives us God’s promise that:

“He who endures to the end shall be saved.” —Matthew 24:13

So when you’re facing moments that aren’t easy, you’ll find 31 carefully selected promises that speak to life’s troubles. When you meditate upon God’s Word, you can experience the rewards of faith: the strength to endure and triumph.

Victory over trouble is yours through Christ when you believe His promises, and live them with joy. It isn’t always easy to turn away from temptation; it can be hard not to give in to fear. But when you turn to the deep well of wisdom found the in Bible, your heart will be renewed, and your strength doubled.

Put these Amazing Promises to work in your life today, and experience for yourself the power of God’s Word.

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