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All Abuzz at the Honey Bee – Sugarcreek Amish Mysteries – Book 15


With the recent string of robberies at local banks, Seth Miller removed his life savings from his credit union. However, only a few days after, his money is now missing! As if this was not bad enough for the town of Sugarcreek, the Honey Bee Café has been losing customers due to rumors that it may be haunted. With the chief of police too busy to address these issues, can Naomi and Cheryl solve the mysteries and protect the reputation of Sugarcreek?


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About All Abuzz at the Honey Bee

Residents of Sugarcreek are on edge. Several banks have been burglarized, and the local authorities can’t catch the thieves. When Naomi Miller’s husband, Seth, announces he’s going to remove their life savings from the credit union, Cheryl Cooper advises him against it. But Seth refuses to listen, and the money is stolen from their home. Adding to these strange series of events, someone is entering the Honey Bee Café after hours but never takes anything. Word gets around that the business is haunted, and the Honey Bee begins to lose customers. Police Chief Sam Twitchell is too busy to listen to the owner’s concerns, so she turns to Cheryl and Naomi for help. When nothing adds up and conflicting clues lead nowhere, Cheryl begins to wonder if this is the first mystery they won’t be able to solve.

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