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A Tempting Taste of Mystery – Sugarcreek Amish Mysteries – Book 23

When Sugarcreek hosts a pie-baking contest fundraiser, Cheryl is invited to be a judge. However, as contestants begin dropping out and a taster suffers from food poisoning, people begin to point the blame toward Naomi! Will Cheryl be able to clear Naomi’s name from the crime and simultaneously save her future with Levi?

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The future is looking bright for Cheryl Cooper and her new fiancé, Levi Miller. Now that they’ve decided to make a life together, their biggest problem is how will they tell his family?
When the town of Sugarcreek holds a pie-contest fund-raiser and many local business owners are invited to judge, Cheryl worries she may be biased because her best friend and future mother-in-law, Naomi Miller, is a contestant. Still, with the proceeds going toward a good cause, she really can’t decline the opportunity to participate . . . especially when contestants start dropping from the competition and rumors of foul play arise.
What seems a silly coincidence, at first, turns dire when one of the contestants falls prey to a bad case of food poisoning and suspicion spins toward Naomi. Can Cheryl expose the culprit and prove her friend’s innocence, or will a pie-contest debacle bring an end to her hopes of a future with Levi?

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