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A Port in the Storm – Mysteries of Martha’s Vineyard – Book 7

As the feeling of loneliness plagues Priscilla’s first winter in Martha’s Vineyard, she places her faith in God and makes an effort to befriend her older neighbor. After discovering that her neighbor’s nephew is more interested in her wealth than her health, Priscilla wonders if this circumstance could be related to a peculiar woman who has been insistently inquiring about her ancestors around town. Simultaneously, Priscilla looks into a series of mysterious events that have been hurting the Candy Lane Confectionery. Will she be able to solve the two mysteries in time to attend the Valentine’s Day dance with the attractive local Coast Guard Captain?


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Martha’s Vineyard is buried in snow. As Priscilla’s first winter in the cottage drags on and snow continues to fall, she finds herself struggling with feelings of loneliness. Putting her faith into practice, she reaches out to others and befriends an older neighbor, whose nephew seems more interested in his aunt’s money than in caring for her. Then a young woman arrives in town, trying to find long-lost family and answers to her past. Priscilla is drawn into the secrets and mysteries that surround—and connect—her two new friends.

Meanwhile, a series of unfortunate mishaps are plaguing Candy Lane Confectionery. Can Priscilla help Candy get to the bottom of these disturbances in time to attend the “Share a Little Love” Valentine’s Day dance with handsome Coast Guard Captain Gerald O’Bannon?

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