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A Monumental Mystery – Tearoom Mysteries – Book 15


A statue of a beloved author from Lancaster has gone missing and Elaine’s boyfriend, Nathan Culver, is the prime suspect! Can Elaine and Jan find the perpetrator, or is Nathan truly guilty of the crime? Simultaneously, Archie digs up a big surprise concerning the cousins’ mysterious painting and Jan receives some unexpected news. Read on in A Monumental Mystery, another extraordinary offering from the beautiful town of Lancaster—your new home away from home!


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As winter lingers in Lancaster, Maine, a newly recovered statue of a beloved regional author vanishes a week before its unveiling at a library fund-raising event. As the person responsible for the statue, Nathan Culver, Elaine Cook’s boyfriend, quickly becomes the prime suspect. Worse, his uncharacteristic and evasive behavior surrounding the matter begins to test her trust in him. With a popular antiques TV show in town, along with a slew of suspects, Elaine and her cousin Jan Blake race to solve the mystery behind the item’s disappearance before the fund-raiser. Meanwhile, Archie uncovers a big surprise related to the painting the cousins discovered at a flea market and Jan gets a piece of news that might just change her life.

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