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A Classic Case – Secrets of Mary’s Bookshop – Book 12


The Living History Days event in Ivy Bay is famous for its reenactment of a famous bank robbery hosted by Ivy Bay Bank & Trust. However, this year, the reenactment is not as staged as it seems! As the actor playing the robber in the event escapes with large sums of money, the police are forced to conduct a thorough investigation. With the bank already struggling to cope with economic turmoil, this robbery may force it to close for good! Can Mary track down the thief before a beloved local business is confined to the history books? 


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About A Classic Case:

Mary is delighted about Living History Days, when many of Ivy Bay’s businesses put on demonstrations of what life was like in historic Cape Cod. She’s especially excited about the reenacted bank robbery at Ivy Bay Bank & Trust. But as Mary and the crowd watch the reenactment, they realize this fake crime is actually real! The masked, gun-wielding robber, played by Steve Althorpe, the bank manager, escapes with the contents of several safe deposit boxes before anyone realizes what’s really happening. 

The entire town is shocked. Why would Steve do such a thing? The police stage a manhunt without success, and the robbery makes it even more likely that the bank, already rumored to be in trouble, will have to close. But something about the theft doesn’t feel right to Mary/ She’s not sure Steve is the thief. But if the robber isn’t Steve, who is it? And where is Steve?

About the Secrets of Mary’s Bookshop series:

Mary Fisher has found the perfect place to retire – right where she started. She’s moved back to Cape Cod to open Mary’s Mystery Bookshop in Ivy Bay, a quaint coastal village flanked by meandering marshes and silvery beaches. It’s the ideal location to relax with a good book on a summer day. But Mary soon discovers that this small town is full of secrets. Escape to a charming seaside town, get to know the lively characters who call this community home, and discover the mysteries in Mary’s Bookshop.

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