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A Blessing and a Curse – Mysteries of Silver Peak Series – Book 11


Sadie has volunteered to be the new director of Silver Peak’s Silver Festival, despite rumors that the position is cursed. When a set of silver is stolen during the event, could it be that Sadie is destined to the same troubled fate as every director before her? Meanwhile, Sadie confronts Edwin about something that has been troubling him recently; is she ready to face the responsibilities of love once again, or will she be forced to tell Edwin something he doesn’t want to hear? 


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About The Book

Sadie Speers has volunteered to step in as the director of Silver Peak’s annual Silver Festival, which celebrates and honors the area’s mining history and heritage. The director’s position is rumored to be cursed, however, because bad things have befallen virtually every director, including the woman whom Sadie replaced. The most famous evidence for the purported curse involves the twenty-year-old mystery surrounding another Silver Festival director, who disappeared after the close of his festival. So when a set of valuable silver vanishes under mysterious circumstances from the American Mining Museum, Sadie can’t help wondering: Is the curse real after all?

Meanwhile, something is troubling Edwin, and he doesn’t want to talk about it. When Sadie finally gets to the bottom of what’s bothering him, it brings her face-to-face with lingering questions whether she is ready to face the risks of love again.

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