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  • How to Pray When You Think You Can't ePub (kindle/Nook version)

    How to Pray When You Think You Can’t ePUB

  • Extraordinary Answers to Prayer Book Cover

    A Guideposts Exclusive– In Extraordinary Answers to Prayer, you’ll discover the many ways God answers our prayers. And you’ll be deeply moved by the wisdom, kindness, hope, and love each answer contains- even when it may not be what was wished for! And in sharing these heart warming true-life stories of the prayers of others, you’ll find your faith restored in the incredible power of prayer. Each story will remind you that prayer can be answered in the most unexpected of ways.

  • 63% off Daily Talks with God Book Cover

    No matter how often you pray, whether it’s on the go or during your quiet time, Daily Talks with God will help you restore balance, find a place of peace amid the stresses and strains of life and grow in the richest relationship of all – that between the praying heart and the God Who made and loves you.

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  • Divine Interventions: Heartwarming Stories of Answered Prayers-0

    Proof that God hears your prayers and cares about every detail of your life!

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  • How to Pray When You Think You Can't Book Cover

    When we stumble and struggle in our prayers, God knows our hearts and is with us always. Author Marci Alborghetti knows firsthand how even the strongest of believers can experience a prayer life that is frozen in place. She knows the pain of feeling too lost or defeated to pray. Drawing on her personal struggles and on the stories others have shared with her, Marci has fashioned one of the most practical and profound guides to prayer that you’ll ever read. Her encouraging examination of prayer obstacles and the effective antidotes to overcome them will help you restore and expand your prayer life as never before.

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