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Go on a Prayer Drive

Pour out your heart to God in the privacy of your own car.

Pray while you drive.
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You may be familiar with the concept of prayer walking. You may even have participated in marches or vigils that featured prayer. But have you ever tried prayer driving?

You may be unable to “prayer walk” because of physical or time limitations. You may not feel safe prayer walking in your neighborhood. You may not be comfortable prayer walking at your workplace. Or you may simply be looking for another option. In any case, “prayer driving” may expand your prayer life by offering you another way to pray.

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You may already be doing it (or a version of it) on your daily commute to work, as you sing along with a favorite worship song or pour out your heart to God in the privacy of your own car.

I know one young working mother of three who treasures her commute for the time she can spend with God in solitude and silence. A friend uses his frequent Uber trips to the doctor for treatments as an opportunity to meditate and pray.

Prayer driving can be more than seizing the opportunity presented by already-planned car trips in your schedule; you can also map intentional prayer drives. For example, if your children or grandchildren live nearby, drive a prayer loop that takes you past their homes or schools as you intercede for them, their teachers and friends.

If you have a burden for a particular neighborhood or business district, take a regular prayer drive through that area. Chart a route past churches you want to pray for or around hospitals, prisons or police stations and firehouses.

You might even invite a friend or two to join you on your prayer drives, especially if you know intercessors who seldom get out or would find a prayer walk difficult.

Prayer driving opens all sorts of possibilities for someone who has both a driver’s license and a praying heart. Just remember not to close your eyes while the car is moving. 

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