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Where to Pray: Favorite Prayer Spots

Ever wonder where to pray? These inspiring celebrities—like Amy Grant, Tamela Mann, and Bear Grylls—share their favorite places to connect with God.

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Even wonder where to pray? While there really is no perfect place or way to pray, that shouldn’t stop you from giving your prayer practice a fresh boost. If you are looking for some inspiration on where or how to pray, check out these favorite prayer spots of some of the inspiring celebrities featured in Guideposts magazine. Where to do pray? You might be surprised to learn you have some places in common!

Amy Grant sitting outside discussing where to pray

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“Outside. With my shoes off and my feet in the grass.”

Amy Grant, singer and musician 

Tamela Mann standing discussing where to pray

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“Driving alone in my car. You can prevent interruptions by turning off the radio and phone, and nobody is going to walk up to the car to talk to you! Perfect place to talk to the Lord.”

Tamela Mann, gospel singer 

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Bear Grylls on a mountain sharing where to pray

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“I try to start the day on my knees. I just get down on the floor next to the bed. My grandpa used to do that, and I always loved it. It’s a way to remind me to be grateful, to say sorry and to ask for help. It’s my way to survive the day really.”

Bear Grylls, TV host and adventurer

Erin Napier standing outside sharing where to pray

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“Bed, before falling asleep. Before the babies, the church altar late at night.”

Erin Napier, HGTV star

Bob Hostetler in his office sharing where to pray

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“The dentist’s chair is a great place to pray. And prayer can occupy my mind with better, higher thoughts than, I hope that wasn’t an ‘uh-oh’ I just heard.”

Bob Hostetler, author and Guideposts blogger 

Jon Gordon standing and discussing where to pray

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“Walking on the beach.”

Jon Gordon, author and speaker

Savannah Guthrie in her office sharing where to pray

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“I would wake up early, sit in my dad’s old green leather chair, have my coffee with my Bible and my journal and spend a few moments in reflection and prayer. I don’t have that anymore because I get up so early. I’m not getting up one minute earlier! But I need to find moments that are very intentional to do that. God is good and finds me where I am.”

Savannah Guthrie, Today show co-anchor

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Rick Hamlin outside talking about where to pray

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“A barber’s chair is a great place to pray—as long as you can trust your barber with your hair while you’re working on trusting God!

Rick Hamlin, author and Guideposts blogger 

Dr. Willie Jolley smiling and discussing where to pray

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“One of my greatest joys is to ride to Rock Creek Park in Washington, D.C., and sit by the water and read my favorite Scriptures.”

Dr. Willie Jolley, motivational speaker and radio host

Jeremy Lin smiling and talking about where to pray

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“Usually somewhere quiet or outdoors. I really like going into my backyard or going into the garage, somewhere no one else is.”

Jeremy Lin, professional basketball player

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