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In the New Year, Pray Through Those Christmas Cards

All year long, each one can serve as a prayer trigger for that family or friend.

Pray your Christmas cards
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Got a pile of Christmas cards? We do. It amazes me how many people send us festive greetings with photos of their families and updates. Even in this digital age when everything is out there on social media. I still love getting those snail mail cards, opening them up and lingering over them.

Here’s what to do with them long after Christmas is over. Save them. In January or February or maybe you want to wait till Lent. Then pray your way through them.

I’m not the first to have this idea. I know others who do it. Take one card at a time throughout the year and pray for that family or that friend or something that they really care about.

For instance, I look at one card. A wedding photo. What a beautiful picture of everybody gathered barefoot on a beach, the bride and groom and the bride’s mom and dad and siblings. That wedding obviously happened in the summer. Next summer you can send out a prayer for them on their first anniversary. Maybe there’ll be expecting by then!

Take another card. A single friend from church. A devoted volunteer in our various ministries. She is always praying for others, part of an active group of prayer volunteers. I’ll save her card and one day—maybe around Easter or Pentecost—send up a prayer of Thanksgiving for her.

Have you ever thought about someone or prayed for someone and then—bingo—got an unexpected email or text from them? There’s cosmic reasoning for that (and even scientific proof of it). On some random day, you’ll take out a card and pray for that person or family or couple. Don’t be surprised if you unexpectedly hear from them. 

Christmas is a celebration of the Incarnation, how God became human to show us how we could become closer to God. The celebration is wonderful to have in those dark days after the winter solstice. No reason why the celebration shouldn’t go on. God hasn’t gone anywhere.

Put a pile of those cards on your desk or next to your bed or close to your sofa. Wherever you like to pray. And pray a card. One a day. Maybe not every day. But at any time of the year, at any season. Celebrate Christmas all year long.

My prayer for you right now: Be well. Be safe. Be happy.

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