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Mistakes Are Part of God’s Plan

Learn to view failure and missteps as an integral part of God’s beautiful design for your life.

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READ: Who can understand his errors? Cleanse me from secret faults. Psalm 19:12

REFLECT: Hawaiian Kuulei Pavao learned the art of lauhala weaving from her mother, who learned from her mother’s mother. Long before, Polynesians had perfected the craft of making ornaments from the slender leaves of the halo or “walking tree.”

The traditional patterns are passed from one generation to another. The bracelet Kuulei had just completed, though, was like no other I’d seen, an intricate sequence of diagonals, complex and beautiful.

“What an unusual design! Is it a family secret?”

Kuulei laughed and shook her head. “Sometimes,” she explained, “my mind is far away when I weave. I make a mistake! But I do not throw the work away. I look to see how I can fit the mistake into the whole. In the end I have a pattern no one has made before.”

I’m so grateful my Father weaves my very failures into His unique design for my life.

PRAY: Father, I’m so looking forward to seeing which “mistakes,” the outcomes that didn’t look like I expected, were part of Your design for my life from the beginning.

DO: Talk to an artist to learn how he/she handles mistakes in the creation of a painting.

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