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How to Attentively Read God’s Word

There truly is something miraculous about journeying deep into the Bible.

Journey into Gods Word

My writing process is a mishmash of techniques—whatever works at that moment! Oftentimes the bulk of the writing happens in my head as I’m keeping up with my two young kids during the day. When rest time comes, I park myself at the computer and let the thoughts spill out onto the screen.

Other times I’ll hear something in church and jot down a partial idea on the bulletin to remember for later. I tend to “pre-write” a lot. It’s more efficient for me than writing all kinds of things only to have to cut and edit most of it later.

I’ve learned to always look for the little words that are repeated in Scripture that are easy to overlook. I look for words like “but” and “therefore” and then backtrack to see the point leading up to that comment. And I make a point to see biblical characters as real, feeling people.

I wonder about the unspoken emotions they may have felt when they succeeded for failed to stay true to God. The rewards of digging deeper into God’s messages to us are great! Again, He continues to amaze me with the depth of His truths.


Focusing on Jesus brought home to me how closely He wants to be tied into our moments each day. When we begin to look for Him in every situation, He is ready to show us more about himself. There’s always more of Him to discover, and it’s mind-blowing to see Him respond to our desire to know Him. There is so much of Him to discover, and the Bible’s power to alter my focus, my heart, and my day is incredible. There truly is something miraculous about attentively reading God’s Word.


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