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Simple Scented Candles to Make in Your Old Teacups

This easy project will warm up your home or make beautifully unique gifts.

Teacup candle
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I’m not generally a flea market person, but when I do visit these unique shopping areas, I always look for old teacups. A colorful collection of dainty flowered cups bring to mind the relaxation of afternoon tea, and they make for lovely décor as well as warm vessels for my favorite herbal teas.

On a DIY blog written by a crafter named Dinah, I recently came across an easy craft idea that made me want to hit every flea market in town—and comb the depths of my pantry for tea cups that haven’t gotten enough love recently. The idea is to make scented candles in your lovely cups—and it’s as inexpensive as it is satisfying to make, to enhance your own tea table or to give as gifts.

Here are the special supplies you will need to make scented teacup candles:

–Teacups (matching saucers optional)
–Beeswax (available at craft stores or online—seven ounces will fill three small teacups)
–Candle wicks
–Essential oils of your choice (lavender, rose, lemon or vanilla are wonderful options)

You’ll also need some items you likely already have in your home:

–Cutting board
–Oven mitt
–Kitchen towel
–Heat-proof glass measuring cup (preferably Pyrex)
–Two pencils or chopsticks per teacup
–Two rubber bands per teacup
–Newspaper to protect your work surface

Start with clean, dry teacups on a newspaper-lined work surface. Fill your saucepan halfway with water and place it on the stove. Cut your beeswax block into small pieces, place inside your Pyrex cup and set the cup in the saucepan so it can melt in the water. Bring the water to a boil until the wax is melted.

Use your rubber bands to bind your pair of chopsticks or pencils together. Draw your candle wick between the two sticks and set the sticks over the top of each cup, allowing the wick to stand straight in the center of the cup.

When the wax is melted, add several drops of essential oil, swirling gently to distribute the fragrant oil thoroughly. Using your oven mitt to hold the hot glass, carefully pour the melted wax into each teacup.

Allow the candles to cool for at least six hours before removing the chopsticks / pencils and trimming the wicks to about half an inch above the wax surface.

Great tip from Dinah: Easily clean out your Pyrex cup by pouring boiling water into it, letting it cool, and then pour out and wipe clean.

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