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New Year’s Resolutions That Are Fun

How to make New Year’s resolutions fun


Today’s guest blogger is Kaylin Kaupish, an editor at Angels on Earth

January 1 is fast approaching and so is the pressure to make our list of New Year’s resolutions. There are the big ones: go to the gym, eat healthier, spend less money, etc. Every year I do so well up until February. Then the motivation wears off, and I find myself making excuses. But it’s too cold out to go to the gym. I could snack on carrots, but I really want pimento cheese (I can thank my South Carolinian grandma for that addiction). I don’t have time to pack my lunch, so looks like I’ll be buying it again. So, I decided to try something new this year.

For each “tough” resolution, I added a “fun” one to the list. Something I want to do before the end of the year. Now my list includes: go hiking, try some new recipes and read more books. My long list of resolutions feels less daunting–and these fun resolutions will help me keep the harder ones. I need to be in shape to do the advanced hikes, so I better keep up with the gym. I’ll look for healthy recipes to try (sorry, pimento cheese). I’ll get my books from the library so I save a little money while I read. And with a little help from the angels, I’ll keep this up longer than February. Here’s to a productive and fun  new year!

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