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Easy Ways to Care for Your Skin in Springtime

Spring is a transition season for your skin. Be prepared to refresh and renew yours with these easy tips.

Skin care tips for spring
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Springtime is a glory of nature—but it can be a tough time for your skin. Emerging from the cold, dry harshness of winter, skin can feel thirsty and tired, ready for a spring refresh. 

Let this spring be the optimal season to freshen up your routine, and let your glowing skin reflect your inner beauty.

Get the Right Cleanser
The change in weather from winter into spring can cause increased oil production in the skin, which leads to breakouts. A gentle cleanser will remove excess oils without stripping your skin of its precious moisture.

Winter is the driest season for skin, with so little moisture in the cold air outside compounding the difficulty of maintaining humidity when running your heating system indoors. Dry skin is actually dead skin, and in order to lovingly refresh your complexion in the spring, you need to start with a fresh canvas. Use a gentle, natural exfoliator to buff away dead skin cells no more than twice a week during the spring. 

If you’re feeling crafty, Good Housekeeping published a fun list of DIY exfoliating scrubs you can make with kitchen ingredients like ground almonds, brown sugar and warmed honey.

Spring Clean Your Makeup Drawer
Makeup doesn’t last forever—check the expiration date on yours to see when you need to swap it out for fresh tubes and compacts. If you hold onto makeup too long, it can contribute to skin challenges ranging from irritation to breakouts. You might also like to switch from heavier-duty makeups like foundations to products that offer lighter coverage.

Hydrate—Inside and Out
You do your skin a great favor simply by hydrating your body, aiming for eight eight-ounce glasses of water daily. Build on this healthy habit by applying a hydrating cream directly to your skin after cleansing each morning and before bed. 

Sunscreen Every Day
When it comes to sunscreen, the old saying, “don’t leave home without it” is the watchword. The sun might not feel as strong as it will at its summer zenith, but its UV rays can damage skin, leading to premature signs of aging as well as an increased risk of skin cancer. Apply a sunscreen with an SPF rating of at least 30 each day before you head outside into the fresh spring sunshine.

Visit Your Dermatologist
Springtime is an ideal time to schedule an annual visit to the dermatologist. During your visit, you’ll touch base about any areas of concern, get advice on how to best hydrate and protect your skin and have a checkpoint before you are more likely to be outside in the summer sun.

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