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7 Easy Habits to Improve Your Health

Add these healthy habits to your daily routine and nurture your mind, body and spirit.

Are you looking to make some positive changes in your life? Here are seven healthy habits that can help nurture your mind, body and spirit. By adopting these healthy practices and making them part of your daily routine you’re on your way to living your best life.

Breathe Deeply

1 of 7 Breathe Deeply

Breath is life. By focusing on your breathing you can change the way you feel right now. Whenever you think of it, and most especially when you feel stressed or worried, focus on your breathing. Inhale deeply, hold it for a few counts and feel the release as you exhale.


2 of 7 Limit Screens—Especially at Night

Make it a habit to turn away from your computer, tablet, phone and television as you wind down from the day. Read a good book, journal about your blessings, listen to music, or best yet sit and be still. The more you unplug and relax before sleep the better your night’s rest!

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Spend Time with Loved Ones

3 of 7 Spend Time with Loved Ones

Instead of texting or interacting on social media, reach out and call someone or better yet make plans to get together for lunch.  As little as a once a month face-to-face visit can make a world of difference in your relationship.

Get Outdoors

4 of 7 Get Outdoors

Spending time in green spaces is directly linked to lower levels of depression, anxiety and stress.  Go for a walk, sit on a park bench, make a point to spend at least ten minutes each day recharging in the beauty of nature.

Decrease Stress Sources

5 of 7 Decrease Stress Sources

Whether it’s messy clutter in your home or a negative person in your life, identify unhealthy relationships and situations and take control of your environment. Organize your home so that it is peaceful and nurturing. When possible limit the time you spend with people that make you feel unbalanced.


6 of 7 See Opportunities Rather Than Problems

Train your mind to think like an optimist. As Guideposts founder Norman Vincent Peale said, “When obstacles or difficulties arise, the positive thinker takes them as creative opportunities.”

Set and Review Your Goals

7 of 7 Set and Review Your Goals

Keep a list of things you want to accomplish in a place where you’ll see it. Each morning review the list and as you put your day in order, carve out time to nurture your best self and work towards reaching your goals.

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