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The Gift of a Day in the Middle of a Pandemic

Not losing sight of the pockets of joy, gratitude and grace that each day holds.

Family wearing masks
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My wife and I have a few framed sayings around the house to remind us to keep our faith and express gratitude. On the kitchen wall near the counter: “Every day is a gift from God.” It’s a message more important than ever as Covid-19 shows no sign of slowing down.

It wasn’t long ago that going out to dinner, shopping for groceries or worshipping at church were things we did without any hesitation or concern. Now we must wear a mask, sit outdoors to dine and worship from home to minimize risk. Parents are trying to decide whether to keep their children at home for virtual learning or send them to the classroom. Who would have imagined young families having to make this choice? 

The emotional and mental stress of the virus is taking a toll—it’s easy to lose sight that every day is a still a gift, and what we do with this gift matters. We can whine, complain and be angry. Or we can pay attention to the intangible things not restricted by a virus: laughter, love, compassion, faith, kindness, joy.

This day is granted by His love, no strings attached. And it promises unique moments and opportunities that can be filled with gratitude, even in the worst of times. If there is one thing we’ve learned from this pandemic, let it be this.

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