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Silencing My Biggest Critic–Me

Don’t dwell on what doesn’t get crossed off your to-do list. Instead, celebrate what does.

Silence your biggest critics and acknowledge all that you get done in a day.
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I have been flat-on-my-back sick with the flu for more than a week now. My unwelcome guest has definitely outstayed his welcome! Today brought  progress for the first time. I was able to be up for about 10-15 minutes at a time before I had to creep back to my pillow on the couch.

While it was nice to make a little progress back to the land of the living, it was also quite traumatic as I walked through our house and really took a look. It’s a WRECK! I could write my name in the dust on the furniture.

Since I’d been working on our business taxes before I got sick, papers as high as the Eiffel Tower are piled on our dining room table. Piles of laundry stretch halfway to the moon. And clutter (my arch enemy) is everywhere.

The housekeeper didn’t come this week because I was sick. Her job is going to be twice as hard next week. And, unfortunately, I am the housekeeper. Sigh.

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My husband has taken care of me and helped as much as he could, but he had a long week at work, and it’s become quite evident that everyday tasks have not been done.

And that made me realize something: I’m the world’s worst at blaming myself for things that don’t get done. Even though God doesn’t expect perfection, I somehow think I should deliver it. I beat myself up because the house isn’t spotless, the business tasks aren’t done or dinner is something pitiful slapped together at the last minute.

I am my loudest critic.

I dwell on what I didn’t do—but I’ve never stopped to give myself credit for what I’ve done. And the mess around me shows how much I usually do on a daily basis. It has soaked in that my efforts each day go a long way.

My daily tasks bring structure and order to our home. They keep my family on schedule as we go about our activities and appointments. They put clean clothes in the drawers and closets for my family. They keep our business running and put food on the table.

My daily tasks say a silent “I love you” to the ones who own my heart.

Who knew that looking around through flu-glazed eyes would silence my inner critic? Maybe you should sit down and make note of all you accomplish in a day. It adds up.

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