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How to Look Forward to a Positive Future in Any Circumstance

Even in these uncertain times, there are ways to make choices today that will lead to a better tomorrow.

Looking forward to a positive future

We know that optimism is good for us. Good for our mental health, connected to longevity and associated with more positive physically healthy habits. 

But during uncertain times like the coronavirus pandemic, it might feel hard to grasp our usual positive outlook. After all, we still don’t know when we can go back to work, to school, to restaurants, to concerts, to birthday parties—to the life we thought of as normal.

So we might ask fretfully: what do we have to look forward to?

I’ve been thinking about this as the weeks of isolation and social distancing unfold. And I have found comfort and uplift by focusing on the simple two-word instruction hidden in that question.

Look forward.

Setting our sights on a positive future is in itself an act of courage and optimism. I would wager everyone reading this has done their fair share of looking ahead and feeling worried, anxious and doubtful. I know I have—and some degree of these challenging emotions are normal and expected during unprecedented times. 

But we support ourselves with authentic positivity when we encourage ourselves to balance our thinking, and in this moment, we can do that by looking forward.

Looking forward means taking actions today—planting a seed, starting a journal, watching an instructional video for a new hobby—that will benefit the tomorrow you want to see. 

Looking forward means making a decision to let go of something that you realize was not serving your positive life.

Looking forward means daydreaming about gatherings, celebrations, vacations and all the things you want to do—and making lists of first steps you could take to make those dreams come true.

Looking forward means reaching out to someone in your life who you want to deepen your relationship with and starting a conversation.

Whatever the future holds, we can face it together with authentic positivity, courage and unity if we just can remember to hold our heads high and look forward. 

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