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How to Look Back at Life with Grace, Not Regret

Yes, there have been times in our lives when we’ve messed up. But God’s love has always remained. 

Looking back with grace
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There are moments in our lives when time pauses, when we can look back at our lives in the rearview mirror and reflect on our journey. What have we done with our talents and opportunities? How have our career and relationships developed? 

It’s a gift to look at the past—both successes and failures—so we can understand the present. But many of us avoid it, afraid of reviewing the regrets, hurts and losses. It’s especially true if we’re older—feeling the consequences of lost love, missed job opportunities or financial mistakes

Consider this: what if we look back on past decisions with grace instead of regret? When we do, the goodness of God outweighs the pain. Instead, remember the moments of living, breathing, loving, eating, playing, laughing. All these things make us come alive. When was the first time you remember feeling the grass under your feet? The sound of the ocean? Tasting ice cream in a sugar cone? Falling in love?

Yes, we will find the times we messed up. But if we focus on how God’s grace pulled us through—the friend who never left our side after the painful divorce, the prayers of strangers who gave us strength when we felt overwhelmed—all those people, events and experiences shaped who we are today.

When we reflect with grace, we can see that God was always with us even in the hardships, opening unexpected doors for us to walk through. With grace, we find love—from God, from others…. from ourselves. We have come this far in life with His help. Let Him take you all the way to the end. 

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