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5 Easy Ways to Give Yourself an Energy Boost

Use these techniques to keep your days fresh and energized.

Boost of energy

During this stressful and ever-changing time of working from home and physically distancing, our days can feel like one long experience that’s unfolding slowly and, sometimes, sluggishly. 

Some of this is expected and perfectly normal. Who among us could have predicted such a radical shift in our routines and in the sense of safety we had in the world around us? If your energy level is lower than usual, start by reminding yourself that your body and mind need extra rest and quiet to protect your inner reserves and enable yourself to face whatever each day may bring.

But we also need to preserve our energy to feel awake, interested and creative. Whether you are looking for an energy boost so you can feel alert on your next virtual meeting, or you’re in search of the motivation to crack open a long-neglected recipe book or linen closet, try these approaches to energize yourself. 

1)  Breathe Fresh Air
Stepping outside even for a minute to catch some deep breaths of fresh air—or simply different air—is a time-honored way to remind your brain that you’re not stuck, and that you can burst into action at any moment.

2)  Get Moving
If you can’t leave the house, try to walk up a flight of stairs a few times to get your blood and heart pumping. If you can get outside, a brisk walk around the block will refresh your senses and wake you up. A few jumping jacks or a low-impact aerobic exercise will get you going in minutes.

3)  Hydrate
Sometimes when you feel sluggish, what you actually are is thirsty. Fatigue is a sign that your body is missing some fluids, so be sure to sip water throughout the day. Aim for eight 8-ounce glasses per day.

4)  Eat Protein
A protein-rich snack like a handful of nuts or a hard boiled egg will signal your body to get up and go, and fuel you to face your day with vigor. 

5)  Process Your Emotions
Stress is exhausting. Be honest with yourself about how much stress you’re dealing with, and adjust your plans and expectations for yourself accordingly. Find a healthy way to process your feelings, perhaps by journaling, having a virtual visit with a trusted friend or scheduling an online session with a counselor or clergy person. 

How do you boost your energy when you’re having a slow day?

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