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Lose Weight the F.A.S.T. Way

Tips on dropping pounds from Tony Dean

Tony Dean

Tony Dean and his family lost a combined 500 pounds by supporting each other every step of the way. Here, he shares some simple strategies to dropping pounds as a group.

Go Team!
Get a group of people together who share your goal of losing weight and getting healthy—family, friends, coworkers.

Check In
Pick a partner to check in with daily. Being accountable will help both of you stick with the changes you’re making.

Weigh In
Host weekly weigh-ins for the team. Aim for the same day and time every week. Weigh-ins maintain accountability and build team spirit.

Get Fit
Regular exercise is a must. Don’t feel comfortable at the gym? Bring a teammate along to exercise with you. Working out together helps boost motivation and confidence.

Share Your Success
E-mail notes and photos showing your progress. Celebrate successes together—a group hike or spa day, anyone?

Read the Dean's full story in The Team Dean Diet. To learn more about the program, read The 10-Day Quick-Start Program.

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