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Caregivers: Cast Your Burdens on God

In this excerpt from Guideposts Outreach Ministry booklet Strength for Helping Hearts, Shelly Beach encourages caregivers to cast their burdens on the Lord.

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Cast your cares on the LORD and he will sustain you…. PSALM 55:22

Julie panicked when she was advised to move her father from her home to a professional care setting. Her dad had lived with her since he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s, but after a time he’d begun to fall. The change was recom­mended to keep him safe. Letting go is hard for caregivers. We want to do what’s right, but many things lie beyond our control: the progression of disease, medical rules, insur­ance regulations, even family members.

God understands. He promises to bring good from our imperfect efforts—even when circumstances look hope­less. But how do we let go and “cast all our cares on the Lord…”? Casting means picking up our burdens, throwing them far from us, then walking away. Most people have to do this more than once, but that’s okay. God knows our sorrows are rooted in our love for people and in our fears. He picks up our burdens. Letting go may mean forgiving. Or overlooking others’ inadequacies. Or letting go of false guilt. Letting go can mean something new every day—or hour. Caregiving is the hardest task you’ll ever do. You’re Jesus’ hands to the suffering who are often blind to the sacrifices you’re making.

Caregiving comes with complications and heartbreak, but you’re not alone. God is with you day and night. Trust His heart for you and your loved one. He will carry the burdens you give Him. Pray: What burdens do I need to cast on You, God, and trust to Your care?

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