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Edward’s Dog Food Recipe

Guideposts Editor-in-Chief shares a recipe that kept his dog healthy and happy

Edward Grinnan's dog food recipe

Well this is by no means an official recipe nor do I endorse it for any other dog but my own. But here goes:

I cook in a skillet three pounds of lean ground sirloin, then drain the fat. I shred and add two pounds of good-quality (preferably) fresh, cooked turkey breast (I get mine from the Whole Foods deli counter because there are no additives to their in-house brand).

Then I shred (basically I pull it apart in little tiny pieces) a plain roasted chicken (also from Whole Foods, I admit, one of the pre-cooked rotisserie chickens, but you can always roast one yourself or poach a couple of chicken breasts and shred them).

I then add a can and a half of cooked chopped carrots, and a bag and a half of cooked Success brown rice (don’t undercook), and a cup or so of organic chicken broth to moisten. Then I mix it all up and bag it in meal-size portions, freezing what I am not going to use in the next day or two and thawing as needed.

You can also add a bit of garlic powder to the mix. I always give my dog a good animal vitamin with her meal, some fish oil for her joints and coat, and a pinch or two of ground bone meal.

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